Montag, 23. März 2009

Incremental Search

Ok, so here is my third cool feature of opera. It’s the incremental search. We all know that we can search a website for a certain string by simply pushing CTRL+F. But much cooler is to press “.” (without CTRL, just “.”) In the left corner of your window a little overlay window will appear and you can just type in your search string. With the first character you type in the search starts and all matches are highlighted. When you type in another char, the result is automatically updated and so on and so on.
When you type “Return” or just don’t type at all, the overlay window disappears.
This is so cool! You don’t even have to close the window!
By the way, I’m blogging all these features in the moment I use them (and realize, that I use them!  )

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