Freitag, 13. November 2009

Microsoft bought Teamprise – so what’s with Diffmerge?

I had a short talk with Martin Woodward this week at Teched in Berlin. Martin is a member of the microsoft family now for three (!) days. As you might have heard, MS bought TeamPrise, an add-in for Eclipse(!) to be able to take advantage of the TFS features like Work Item tracking and so on in e.g. Java devlopment environments. Well TeamPrise was a product of SourceGear until three days ago. And SourceGear is the company that also created DiffMerge, which is a tool to diff and merge files. This tool  can also be added in Visual Studio to replace the out-of-the-box merge and diff tool. (Which is actually a good idea to do - and it's free!). Well if MS bought Teamprise – maybe they also bought Diffmerge? I asked Martin, the answer is: No, they didn’t. MS only bought the Teamprise Team. Too bad. But Martin assured me that DiffMerge will stay available free and recommended to keep using it – of course I will :-)