Montag, 20. Juli 2009

Opera Speed Dial + Sync

Yes, Opera still rocks. Even more in V 10. Now you have more than 9 speed dial positions. Well… maybe, you don’t even know, what speed dial is? Here’s the deal: Have you ever wondered, why there is always a  lot of space wasted, when you open a new tab and haven’t inserted an address yet? You don’t know, what I’m talking about?

Do it! Open a new broser tab right now - but come back to this page again afterwards and continue reading! What did you see? Right: Nothing. When using Opera 9, the big blank page is replaced with nine speed dial fields, that means, you can place up to nine previews of your favorite websites on this “blank” page . You can then access these websites by

  1. a) clicking the with the mouse (this is ok and fast, but only for beginners)
  2. b) typing the position into the address bar (e.g. “3” will call the third link – so this is for more experienced users *g*)
  3. c) using the shortcut CTRL+ <position>, e.g. CTRL+3 to directly access the page (yes, this is for pros :-) ) Hint: This only works for the positions 1 to 9. Why? Think about it…

That’s cool isn’t it? And with Opera 10 you have even MORE than 9 speed dial fields. Yiepee! But, that’s not all!

When you’ve got a account you can sync your speed dial fields (and all your favourites and so on) between all the clients you’re using. This is great, because now I’don’t have to manually find an interesting article again on my private pc that I discovered at work.

Ok, before you ask: The data transfer for synchornisation is encrypted. Otherwise this feature would be completely useless anyway. I checked it out using the (great) tool fiddler. But I will talk about fiddler another day… Well here’s the evidence for encryption…


Knusper Knusper Knäuschen

Kürzlich hat mich eine Königin der besonderen Art vom Schlaf abgehalten: Nachts um vier Uhr bin ich durch laute Brummel- und Knabber-Geräusche aufgewacht, um festzustellen, dass ich spektakulären Besuch im Rollo-Kasten habe. Hier ein Foto vom darauffolgenden Tag. Besonders witzig ist, dass die Besucherin ausgerechnet am Insektengitter ihr Schneidwerkzeug ausprobieren musste… Ich konnte die Dame aber dazu bewegen umzuziehen. Jetzt wohnt sie im Vogelkasten. Das darf sie.